Friday, March 7, 2008

Tips for traveling with baby

Hi everyone! Brandon and I recently flew with Ryan from Seattle to both Chicago and LA. Both trips were quite good, and I wanted to share some tips...
- Borrow as much as you can from the people you are visiting. My mom is a teacher and was able to get a bunch from her colleagues, so literally it was just Ryan in the Baby Bjorn. This was MUCH easier than having to bring carseat, stroller, etc... However, even if you do have to bring all that stuff, I still recommend using some type of Bjorn type carrier in the airport
- I never had to take Ryan out of the Bjorn in security. They didn't wand me either.
- If you are traveling with someone, try and book seats so that one of you has a window and the other person an aisle, with the middle seat open. This increases your chances of having the row to yourself, and even if someone ends up taking the middle seat they certainly won't mind trading you for a window or aisle!
- Always ask at the gate if you can have your own aisle. You might get a sympathetic gate agent!
- I highly recommend the bulkhead if you can get it. It makes it easier to stand up and move with your baby.
- I didn't travel with a Boppy. Instead, for feeding on the plane I brought my own blanket and used the airplane pillows and blankets to prop my arm up on the armrest more comfortably.
- Ryan has feed on most takeoffs and landings, but also slept through a couple. His ears never seemed to be bothered. Our doctor told us that a recent study came out that said that sucking vs. no sucking on takeoff and landing didn't make much of a difference.
- I brought kids Tylenol just in case, but didn't need it.
- There are changing tables on the plane in at least one bathroom above the toilets. It's cramped, but not impossible - Ryan likes being changed so I did it once or twice just to keep him happy.
- It can be tough to entertain a baby in such a confined space. The white noise may put your baby to sleep - it didn't work too much for mine! So clip a couple of his/her favorite (but small) toys onto your diaper bag.

I hope this is helpful! If you have any questions specific about traveling with baby that I didn't answer, feel free to ask!

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