Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bringing Out Baby and The Seattle Mama's Handbook

I have these two books floating around the house. I figured I'd post the table of contents and if anyone is interested in a particular chapter let me know and I will email you the info? Forgive me if their are typos, there is a bunch to type.
( From Bring out Baby: Seattle and the Eastside)
Chapters: 1 Bringing out newborns & Infants, 2 Bringing out creepers, crawlers, & toddlers Indoor and Outdoor activities and Beaches chapters for North Seattle, Montlake Queen Anne, Magnolia areas, Greenlake, Ballard, Shoreline, Mercer Island, Eastside. 3. Bringing out baby shopping and Dining. 4 Quick reference guide for top 10 indoor and outdoor activities, program for early parent support, movement classes, arts and crafts, drop off classes, dance classes, mom and baby fitness, indoor playgrounds, open gyms, and playrooms
(Seattle Mama's Handbook) 1. Places to go and things to do(family activities, amusement places, balloon rides,batting cages, bowling, miniature golf,ferry rides,historical sites,museums,planetariums,sightseeing tours, zoos, discount movies) 2. Great outdoors (resources,parks,gardens,bird and wildlife watching,boating canoeing kayak,tours plus,charters,fishing lakes and ponds,trails,hiking,camping,horseback riding,camps) 3.Community Recreation (program fees, parent involvement/coaching,sports,summercamps,rec centers,swimming pools,youth orgs) 4. Sports 5. Music (find a teacher,music instruction, mini music, local childrens choir, local opera house, local symphonies, music stories, websites) 6. Theater Dance & Creative Arts (Theater, Acting, Dance Instruction, Art Instruction, Crafts, Sewing and Quilting, Craft Supply Stores) 7. School and Educational Resources (Helpful tips for choosing a school, general resources, preschool referrals, child resource and referral agency, child care resources, public/private/parichial, public school districts, special needs schools, gifted and talented resources, homeschooling resources, language schools, military, tutors, school and teaching supply stores) 8. Libraries and books 9. Media in the home 10. At home fun 11.Parties 12.Seasonal events 13.volunteer opportunities 14. Memories and keepsakes 15. Feeding and clothing the crew 16. Heath and childcare 17. Pregancy and infant resources 18. Special needs 19. Parenting resources 20. Teens 21. Family vacation 22 Just for mamas (spas etc) 23. Emergency resources

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